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Cash Your Tax Refund Check or Find a Tax Professional near you.

Cash Your Tax Refund Check at ACE

Bring in your tax refund check and valid government-issued photo ID to your local ACE Cash Express location to get started. We have longer service hours than many banks, and unlike some check cashers or grocery stores, we have cash on hand - even large amounts.

How Can I Find a Tax Professional?

Did you know that tax professionals often have temporary office space inside ACE Cash Express stores? With hundreds of professionals across the country, you can find a preparer who meets your needs. Just enter your city and state or zip code below to get started! 1

Want to Get Your Tax Return Faster Than a Paper Check?

Direct depositing your tax refund to your account or prepaid debit card is faster5 than waiting for a paper check to come in the mail. 

Learn more about the benefits of opening a  ACE Flare™ Account by MetaBank®3 and ACE Elite™ Visa® Prepaid Debit Card.4

Cash Your Tax Refund at ACE!

We cash all types of tax checks.5 No matter where you had your taxes prepared, ACE is the place to get your tax refund check cashed:

  • We cash large checks!
  • Government Tax Refund Checks: Whether they are local, state, or federal, we accept them all.
  • Non-Government Tax Refund Checks: We accept checks from Jackson Hewitt, H&R Block, and more.

Withdraw as much as your debit or prepaid card allows. ACE does not place limits on how much you can withdraw when you withdraw your tax refund at your local ACE store. 

How to Become a Tax Professional with ACE

Are you a professional tax preparer? You could earn money with ACE! 

When you join our Tax Program, you can earn commission for client referrals to our stores. You may earn, subject to terms and conditions, 6% of ACE’s fees for each check or card cashed that is associated with your unique Tax Program Member code. You can even rent and use our in-lobby space to grow your customer base!

Learn more about ACE’s Tax Program and sign up here.

Have questions about the ACE Tax Program? Email us for answers!

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