Why should I choose the ACE Elite Visa® Prepaid Debit Card?

Card usage is subject to card activation and identity verification.1

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The prepaid debit card that has it all.

It can be overwhelming trying to sift through the many prepaid debit card options out there to figure out which one is the best for you. You have to consider features, fees, and overall convenience. We understand it’s tough, which is why we think the ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card is the best move you can make. You can actually pick the that works for you. The ACE Elite Card is convenient, smart, and comes with incredible tools to help you manage your money.

Get paid faster with Direct Deposit.2

With the ACE Elite Card, you may get paid up to two days faster if you enroll in direct deposit. Your paycheck and government checks (retirement or social security) can all be automatically loaded on your card. Enrolling is as simple as giving a form to your employer or benefits provider. Once you have enrolled and are receiving direct deposits into your Card Account, you can also enjoy the no-fee cash withdrawal feature up to $100 a day at our 1,000+ ACE store locations nationwide.3 Also, if you’re on a monthly fee plan, receiving a qualifying Direct Deposit greater than $500 will reduce your monthly fee from $9.95 to $5 per month.4

Get rewarded for spending.5

One of the many excellent features the ACE Elite Prepaid Card offers is the Payback RewardsSM program. You can sign up to receive reward offers at various retailers and restaurants via your online account. A great thing to note about the offers you receive is that they are based off your shopping habits. When you log into your Online Account Center, select Payback Rewards from the menu to see the new, active, and redeemed offers available to you. Also, keep in mind that these offers do have expiration dates based off the time period the merchant has set. New offers are brand new offers that can be activated to use at your convenience. Active offers are ones you have already clicked on to use, which means you can shop based on the terms of the offer. You won't gain any rewards from these until you shop. And finally, a redeemed offer is an offer you have used by making a qualifying purchase and complying with the terms specified by the merchant. At the end of the following calendar month that you made the qualifying purchase, a credit will be added to your account. It’s like getting money back for your purchases you already make everyday. Everybody wins!

Get rewarded for saving.

Want to start saving? That’s great! The ACE Elite savings account pays you 5.00% Annual Percentage Yield on balances up to $1,000.6 The account is optional and won’t cost you anything. Plus, there is no minimum balance requirement or monthly fee. The good news is everything you transfer to your savings account is FDIC-insured through the cards issuing bank.7 We make sure that you have peace of mind about your money.

Transfer money when you need to.

Maybe you take care of an elderly parent by sending them money a few times a month? With an ACE Elite Card, you can quickly transfer money between two ACE Elite Cards.8 Do you have a family member or spouse that you want to transfer money to? With this feature, you can help them stay on track with a budget by only transferring the funds they need to their card. Either way, it is great to know that your ACE Elite Card looks out for you and the people you care about as well.

Bank from anywhere.

With the ACE Elite Card, you can bank on-the-go via its smartphone app. Get balance updates, check transaction history, send money to friends or family who use ACE Elite8, transfer money to and from savings, and more! You can also set up Anytime Alerts™ for every transaction, so you’ll always know your account balance, no matter what. You can even text ACE Elite directly to find the nearest reload locations.9

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