Get your tax refund faster than a paper check

The ACE EliteVisa® Prepaid Debit Card is the quick way to receive your tax refund!1

Identity verification is required to use all account features.2

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Get your tax refund faster1 than a paper check

When you choose to have your tax refund direct deposited to your Card, it can arrive faster than a paper check.1 Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing that the funds are FDIC insured through your card’s issuing bank.3


No-Fee Cash Withdrawals at participating ACE locations4

Make up to $100 per day in cash withdrawals at any of our 925+ participating locations across the nation when you have regular direct deposit activity.4


Get Paid up to 2 Days Faster5 with Direct Deposit

Get paid up to 2 days faster5 when you have your payroll or government benefits checks direct deposited to your prepaid debit card. Enroll in direct deposit, and not only will your funds be loaded right to your ACE Elite™ Visa® Prepaid Debit Card, you'll receive it up to 2 days faster.5


Use everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

The ACE EliteVisa® Prepaid Debit Card lets you manage and spend your money without having to worry about carrying cash at stores or in restaurants.

Pay Bills Online

Pay Bills Online6

You can pay rent, car payments, cable, internet, phone, or any other bills you have just by using your card to make online payments.6


Manage your money online and on-the-go.7

Whether you are at home or on-the-go, you can access all the most important information about your account from our Online Account Center and Mobile App.7

FeeAdvantageTM Plan

ACE Elite with Reduced Monthly Fee Plan8

Make unlimited purchase transactions for only $5 a month.8 To qualify for this low, monthly rate, simply direct deposit $500 or more to your Card Account in one calendar month. Show all Fee Plan Options.

Earn Cash Back on Everyday Purchases

Earn Payback Rewards9

Payback RewardsSM pays you back for many of your everyday purchases - the more you use your card, the more offers at select retailers and restaurants you are eligible to redeem.9

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How It Works

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Card Features

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Powerful Tools for Managing Your Money


Anytime AlertsTM 7

Get transaction alerts sent to you by email or text message.7


Send Money to Friends and Family11

You can transfer funds at no-cost to other ACE Elite cardholders with just a few clicks in the Online Account Center or Mobile App.11


Optional Savings Account10

As a cardholder, you can open an Optional Tiered Rate Savings Account. Balances up to $1,000.00 currently earn up to 5.00% annual percentage yield. No minimum balance required.10


Purchase Cushion12

We may cover up to $10 over the balance of your card, when you have $500 direct deposited to your card account (payroll or government benefit direct deposits only) in one calendar month.12