Installment Loans at ACE

Repay Over Time, Not All at Once

Pay back your installment loan over a longer period of time than a traditional payday loan, and the payments are usually smaller.1

Applying for a loan at ACE does not affect your FICO® credit score.

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Apply for a Payday Loan Online with ACE Cash Express

How do I apply for an installment loan?

We have simplified the online installment loan application process to make it fast and easy for you to apply. In fact, you can complete the application online in minutes and get a decision quickly. Call 866-223-2274 to speak directly to an Installment loan representative.

Make sure you have your social security number, source of income, and banking information handy while completing the application.


How much can I borrow?

Installment loans are available online in the states below. Minimum and maximum loan amounts vary by state. If approved, the amount you may borrow will depend upon your income and standard underwriting criteria.2

Loans from $100 - $2,000: Delaware, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas
Loans from $100 - $1,000: Florida 

In California, ACE no longer offers installment loans. Apply for a payday loan up to $255. 

In Ohio, ACE offers installment loans in-store, please find an ACE Cash Express location near you.


If approved, when will I receive my funds?

ACE Cash Express gives you the option to get cash fast! You may be eligible for one or both of the following options: 3


What if I change my mind and decide to cancel my loan?

Loans at ACE come with a 72-hour satisfaction guarantee. So, if you change your mind about your loan, just return the principal within 72 hours and pay nothing more.