April 2, 2012

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Healthy Eating Pays Off

Did you know that April 7-13 is National Public Health Week?  In observance,  we're sharing healthy eating tips and dieting tidbits.  Since we all gotta eat, let's discuss different ways to make the best of it. 

I know some of you are thinking it’s impossible to manage a proper diet when you’re always on the move.  Hopefully this article will change the way you think, eat and live.  Yes, that’s a bold statement.  I’ll provide lots of nutritional benefits to changing your food choices and the rest is up to you.  While I’m not claiming to be a nutritionist, I gladly advocate anything that promotes a better quality of life.  But before I go any further, we should agree on a few things. 

  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day 

Why?  Breakfast sets the stage for your caloric intake for the rest of the day, helps you to get the daily recommended nutrients at different times of the day when your body needs them most, and by eating breakfast you lessen the chances of over eating at lunch or dinner. 

  Three balanced meals a day is the goal 

We all should pursue the right amounts of Whole Grains (cereal), Meats (protein), Fruit and Vegetables (vitamins / fiber) and Dairy (calcium) to help us be stronger, live better and just as importantly live longer.  Remember, balanced meals will increase our body’s efficiency and productivity. 

  A high fiber diet helps you lose or maintain weight 

People who eat high fiber diets are more likely to lose weight because fiber absorbs 15% more water than most foods and causes them to feel full.  Studies have proven that diets high in fiber lower risks of hernias, diabetes and heart disease.    Although we learned the importance of the 4 Basic Food Groups in grade school, rarely do we get enough of each group to maximize their nutritional value. The chart below shows our daily recommended amounts from each group.


Inactive women, some older adults, and children Inactive men, moderately active women, and teen girls Teen boys, active men and women
Bread 6 servings 9 servings 11 servings
Vegetable 3 servings 4 servings 5 servings
Fruit 2 servings 3 servings 4 servings
Meat 2–3 servings 2–3 servings 2–3 servings
Milk 2–3 servings 2–3 servings 2–3 servings

Busy work schedules and family activities leave little time to plan and prepare healthy meals but it doesn’t take any longer to prepare than unhealthy food and costs relatively the same amount.   I encourage you to take the extra time to cook more chicken, fish and veggies.  Eating right should always be a regular part of your day. 

Research has found that a healthier lifestyle, including a well-rounded diet can add up to 8 additional years to your life.  Also, simply eating one cup of raw vegetables each day (4-6 carrot or celery sticks) can add 2 years and eating two ounces of nuts each day can increase your life by another 3 years.  If living longer isn’t enough of a motivator, keep in mind how much healthier and happier you’ll be along the way.

Eat to live and make every meal pay off! 

 Written By Victor McGlothin Victor writes money management tips and other financial hints for ace cash express.  Before joining ace, Victor wrote several bestselling novels and worked in upper management in the banking industry.  When Victor is not helping consumers with responsible spending ideas, he’s working on a “Talking Money Tips” audio book.  Follow him on twitter @iwritemoneytips  and @acecash  www.facebook.com/acecashexpress -Bio