April 4, 2012

Category: Safety

Make Your Spring Cleaning Count!

Spring time is the perfect time for new beginnings, starting over and moving on.  I’m certainly not the first person to suggest clearing out the old to make room for the new but you might be surprised how much money is made each year by selling stuff that's no longer wanted. 

Just imagine making time on a Saturday afternoon to round up and sort out all of the clothes, shoes and furniture you’d normally pay someone to haul off.  Now, entertain the thought of photographing those same items then offering each one of them for sale on the internet.  Yes, it is that easy.  


The e-commerce giant ramps up this time of the year for an explosion in business.  They fully understand the enormous financial benefit created by coupling millions of consumers who have items to sell and countless others looking for bargains.  How about matches made in heaven, well maybe that’s a bridge too far but certainly awesome deals originating in attics, garages and overstuffed closets.  If you have mounds of stuff, good, there are gazillions of potential customers who’d like to buy it. 

Garage Sales  

What if you’re not computer savvy, don’t own a digital camera nor happen to be that trusting in doing business with people you’ll never meet?  Never fear, the old standard continues to work like a charm.  On any given weekend, garage sales still draws them in like flies.  There’s just something about passing by a yard with goodies to sell.  Keep in mind, a busy yard brings in passersby like nothing else so invite your friends over and park along the street.  Lines are always good for business. 

Just about everyone has gently used clothing or never worn items which take up valuable space in our homes.  Do yourself a favor this year.  After a hearty spring cleaning session, make it count by making some cool cash.