May 15, 2012

Category: Debt Management

Make Extra Money This Summer

Whether you’re a brand new dad, mom with financial needs or a recent college grad, there is a number of ways to make extra money this summer.  Before I discuss how to make money in your spare time or during your summer down time, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you the best money made, is the money you save via smart spending.  Now, back to the money making side of things. 

Because there are so many segments of the part-time job market, I suggest searching for those which may be interesting and enjoyable.  For instance, if you like working outside or with your hands, focus your initial attention on finding those types of gigs.  This summer won’t last long but you’re a lot probable to make more money on a job you like.    The following list I think offers variety and real potential for putting cash in your pocket.

  • Pet sitting and dog walking.  People are busier than ever and often have less time than they’d like to care for and exercise their pets properly.  Depending on where you live, sitting and walking services charge from $5-15 an hour.
  • Babysitting.  Most parents enjoy much deserved time away from their kids and it does come at a price.  What price?  It usually pays from $10-15 an hour.
  • Personal Assistant.  Busy people aren’t the only ones who need assistance from time to time.  Elderly and sick individuals also need part-time help for normal duties like doing laundry, grocery shopping and plant maintenance.
  • Freelance Writing.  If you’re good with the written word and love to share your thoughts, contemplate freelance writing for local and national newspapers, internet sites and small companies who need to engage with their customers.
  • Personal Shopper.  If shopping is your thing or you have a talent for putting together fabulous outfits, your skills may be in high demand.  The busier successful people get, the less time they have to shop for needful things.  Advertisements for personal shoppers are on the rise so be ready to prove you have what it takes to be someone’s eyes in the mall or department stores.
  • Tutor.  When you excel in a subject and have verifiable proof, you should expect to get paid for your services.  The number of learning centers is on a sharp increase and there is always a great need for your skills as a Math, English or Science pro.
  • Teach reading or language.  Young readers frequently need extra help to increase their reading pace and comprehension to the level on par with peers.  Older students also fall short on standard requirements.  Offer your love for reading and language to local recreation centers, learning centers and churches for a fee or hourly rate.  There’s big money in low reading scores and helping immigrants who want to improve their chances for wealth by mastering English as a second language.
There are as many part-time and specialty jobs as there are people who need tasks completed but lack the time or skills to accomplish them.  Search the internet and local newspapers for your next summer money maker.  It’s out there waiting on you.