May 14, 2012

Category: Budgeting

Saving on Electricity This Summer

If you’re sweating over impending higher energy bills, you’re not alone.  Summer months can shred finances like no other time of the year.  When I was a small boy, I anticipated the summer months more than anything.  You couldn’t beat fun in the sun, playing water games in the backyard and eating all day long.  Now that I’m an adult who knows the economic challenges that summer presents for parents, I’m already plotting ways to save a few dollars where I can.    


We’ve all seen the cost of energy skyrocket in the summer and it’s a burden on the wallet.  Fortunately, there are several ways to battle the bloated electricity bill bounce.  You might be pleasantly surprised how simple things like drawing the blind to block out the sunshine’s heat and adjusting the thermostat a little can save hundreds of dollars a month.  Studies have even shown that moving the needle from 76 to 78 degrees during the day and then moving it back down at night saves up to 20% on your home cooling cost.  Yes, one degree can account for a reduction of 10% and shrink that bloated bill down to a reasonable size. 

Electricity Rate Game 

There’s another way to play the electricity rate game with your provider because not everyone pays the same for the energy they use.  Threaten to leave your current company if they refuse to cut your rates.  Several providers are willing to go the extra mile to get your business by lowering their rates or proposing various sign-up deals.   Most offers are actually great specials and others just look good on paper so be careful.  As long as there aren’t any extensive contracts or extra fees in the small print, go ahead and take advantage of the difference in as much as three cents for kilo-watt (kWh) unit used.  Considering that we burn thousands of kWhs each month, that’s a bag of change you get to keep at the end of every one of them. 

Smart Cooling Savings 

You can also employ a third method for keeping cooling cost down.  Oscillating fans lower electricity bills because it uses a fraction of the cost than the large central air units.  Cooling the most utilized or occupied areas of your house makes a lot of sense and could also add up to big savings.  Regardless of the system you choose to make your house more efficient this summer, make every dollar count. Summer energy bills are inevitable but they don't have to bust your budget.  Just keep this article in mind while you focus on saving money with smart cooling, picking the best rate possible and adjusting your thermostat just a couple of degrees when you're not home.  I don't think the furniture will mind and your bank account will thank you.